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Our solutions

We offer revolutionary, real-time claims switching, consisting of the following key components:

Member Query

  • Validation of members in a split second ensures that patients records are updated accurately with details provided by the medical Schemes directly.
  • Data can be imported directly into any system.
  • Real-time benefit query and member query integrations with large Administrators

Real-time Electronic Claims Switching

  • Direct Claiming to Real-time Schemes
  • Data Integrity Validation
  • Patient Record Management
  • Rejection Monitoring
  • Utilisation Reporting

Validation - Validate to filter out Invalid Data

  • Provider BHF numbers
  • ICD10 codes for primary and secondary rules
  • Tariff codes
  • Nappi codes
  • Pricing

Data Analysis and Reporting Services

  • Data Analysis
  • Claim Monitor
  • Reports
  • Switching Overview Reporting Tool

Client Support

  • Contact centres
  • Dedicated client support teams
  • On-line search facilities
  • Patient and Claim query resolution with Ops Teams of Schemes


  • Real-time Integrations with Schemes
  • Trickle Back Scheme claim confirmations
  • Automatic proof of submission for claims,
  • Automatic ERA Reconciliation
  • Scheme and Vendor Claim Portal