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About MedilinkSA

MedilinkSA is an independent Switch that has been operating for the last 28 years under the banner of Ediserv. With the re-engineering of Ediserv to handle Real-time Claims a re-branding to MedilinkSA occurred.

MedilinkSA will continue the legacy of Ediserv, which has been serving the Medical Switching community with its offerings for the last 28 years, and stands as testimony to its reliability and trustworthiness.

The emphasis has always been on affordability, reliable service and software functionality. This has been made possible by the ability to translate and produce customized formats for the translation and communication of all Medical claims for both Schemes and on behalf of numerous Switches. Unique software has facilitated this in Medical as well as in the Motor and Retail sectors with the likes of Shell; BP, Mercedes Benz; BMW; Nissan; Ford and Engen as clients too.  

MedilinkSA offers services to many different Vendors as well as assisting various Switches in complicated translation tasks. MedilinkSA has the ability to quickly translate into any format required to service any client’s needs. This continues to make sure a clients needs are met without costly, timely integrations.